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We arrived home today (Thursday) about 4:00pm after a long two day drive from the warm, sunny south. Yesterday we encountered some nasty weather in the northern part of Virginia. After watching several vehicles go off the road and a tractor trailer narrowly avoid hitting a car, we stopped for the day.

An early start this morning and mostly dry roads meant we were home in time for dinner.

Our two plus week trip to visit Marie and Bob in Hilton Head was certainly lots of fun. We were joined by Stephen and Susan for the first week. As I’ve already mentioned, I did about four days of golfing and more days of shopping for fabulous bargains. Mike golfed more often and shopped less as his former work colleagues and golf buddies were also in HH for a week.

We rounded out our trip with a one night stay in Savannah where we walked the historic district street by street and square by square. Then we moved on to Jekyll Island for a stay at the famous old Jekyll Island Club Hotel – once the winter get away place of wealthy financiers. Fabulous grounds, lovely old buildings. Finally we explored the historic district of Charleston whose mansions went on street after street. I couldn’t decide which one to buy when I win the lottery.

Many thanks to Marie, Bob and Ferg for their hospitality. We had a wonderful time.

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