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March Marches On

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For the information of those of you in sunnier climes…Last night we had a terrific wind storm along with snow, ice and more snow. I heard on the radio (CBC Ottawa) that the area has now had more snow this winter than any other since they started keeping track. Not sure if that’s true… I’ve seen winters that seem at least as bad. But it is March and it’s time for this snow nonsense to stop!

We went to QFA tonight to see “Caramel” a funny, touching movie which takes place in Lebanon…following the lives of the women working in a beauty salon.


One thought on “March Marches On

  1. Hey.. this one is for Cousin Elizabeth… Good Luck.. you can do it girl!!! It has been 16 years for me and I was almost a ‘2 packer a day.’.. Don’t miss the cost and the smell and all the burn holes in my clothes and what ever.. Keep it up…
    With lots of Love… Cousin Joan

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