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April First

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No jokes played on us or by us for this April Fool’s Day. Marie usually has one really big joke… she knows how to make it believable… to a point. However she was travelling all day and let it go by this year.

Today was busy though. I went to my first combat class in a long time and then to pilates this afternoon. Both are great classes that complement each other.

In between, I went to our monthly CanLit lunch. The book for discussion this month was “Remembering the Bones” by Frances Itani. As usual the discussion was wide ranging. The book of the month is a jumping off point for various topics. We mostly agreed that the book was a good read. Several of us felt the accident as reason for the main character’s reflections on her life was a bit contrived. I found that I preferred Itani’s earlier book, “Deafening”, to this one.

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