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Thursday Night


Another busy day with pump class and pilates and other errands as well.

Tudy and Diane, Mike and I are going on that outing on Friday that we were talking about…but just us, Marie and Bob couldn’t make it. See you later at the gym.


2 thoughts on “Thursday Night

  1. Ducky Day in Stratford, and with the rain, the snow is disappearing fast.. finally.
    Hockey is over and we saw 88 games this past season.. good hockey… 4 play Jr. B…
    We had lunch with Brother Murray and Sam last week, and they look great.. We meet once a month.. in a different place.
    We are about to leave for the ‘Home and Garden Show’. Like to read your Blog…
    Hugs to Aunt Betty.

  2. Hi Jane & Mike, hope you had a fun outing.
    See you at the gym when we return.

    T. and T.

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