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Busy, Busy Day

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Whew, not too many spare moments today. First on the agenda was an energetic step class at the gym followed by tea with some of the “Tea Bags”. Thanks, ladies for the generous donations to the charity walk.

After lunch I headed to the Empire for the QFA film where I met Elizabeth, Lynne, Deborah and Janet. Thanks again ladies for more donations. The film was “Lars and the Real Girl” which we all agreed was an excellent film…funny, touching and thought provoking. The star, Ryan Gosling, has given excellent performances in everything that I have seen him in.

After the movie, Elizabeth and I stopped to observe a kayaker taking advantage of the record high water levels and the turbulence in the Moira River. We got some pretty good photos.

Mike headed off with Bob to a Bulls game while I joined a number of ladies for a dinner and fashion show fundraiser for the Cancer Society. Thanks to Lynne for organizing our seating arrangements. We all had a good time chatting and making comments, pro and con, about the fashions.


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