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Penguins and Blue Jays

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Back to the gym this morning after a couple of days off. Kim was also back for our Friday triple class…we all had missed her. She put us through our paces and we loved it! The gathering for tea afterwards was well attended even though three of the regulars are off on vacations…a cruise, a trip to Boston and a trip to Nova Scotia. We are a well-travelled bunch.

I spent some time chipping away at our taxes…not finished yet, but soon.

Oh yes, the title. Mike and I watched an exciting first game of the Penguins/Rangers series. The Penguins came back to win after being down 3 – 0 at one point. It was amazing to see almost everyone in the arena dressed in a white ‘Penguins’ shirt. They really know how to get behind their team. The Jays on the other hand blew a 4 – 2 lead… what more can I say?

Hey, Lynne thanks again for the kind thoughts.

Better go and get some beauty sleep. Tomorrow is the day of the Rotary Walkathon. Hope the weather isn’t as bad as they are predicting.


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