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Golf, Shopping, etc.

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After tea with the ladies I met Marie for a shopping excursion to Kingston. Mike went golfing with Bill, Bob and Chris… a perfect day for it. Later, we all met up at our place for dinner and some good conversation.

The Bulls won their game last night and are still in the running for the championship. Another exciting game to follow tomorrow night!


One thought on “Golf, Shopping, etc.

  1. Happy Mother’s Day…
    It is a rainy day here in Stratford.. I got lots of cards, flowers, and phones.. so it has been good day for me..
    What about those ‘Bulls’ they sure come back…BUT , we’ll
    see after tomorrow night….
    Darrell has a ticket for the game on Sat. Mat 17th… the Bulls play and not sure who they with off with.. He has good seats at the section 12.. so if you are there, look in that area.
    Wet Ducky day here and it has been relaxing..Hi to Aunt Betty. Take care and keep in touch .
    Cousin Joan

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