The Milne/Smeed Connection

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“I Hate Snakes”

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We saw the new Indiana Jones movie last week and he had a reprise of his “I hate snakes” line from the earlier movies. Mike and I had cause to borrow his line this weekend while we were off visiting. We were greeted by our host who was trying to get his daughter’s black corn snake out of a bathroom sink. It had crawled… slithered… all 24 inches of it… into the overflow hole and was not coming out.

After much debate the sink (which had been removed from the wall) was placed in a huge covered box and closed into a spare room. On Saturday evening the reptile came out of the sink into the box but retreated into its new home as soon as our host tried to remove the sink. It was still in there when we left for home on Sunday morning. I’m sure when its feeding time arrives in the next day or so all will be well.

I liked it better when they had cats…even though Mike and I are both allergic to felines.


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