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Back Home at Last

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Yes, we have been on the road again. This time it was a one week trip to Newfoundland. The weather was cool, rainy and foggy. This made it hard to keep a sunny attitude towards The Rock, hence the reason to say home at last after such a short time. To give an idea of temperature and weather conditions… we saw lilacs still in full bloom all over the island and on June 27 I saw tulips growing in a garden in St. John’s.

The people were friendly, helpful and interesting to talk to and to listen to as well. Gros Morne National Park had some beautiful areas, especially Western Brook Pond which is the fiord that is featured in many of the tourist ads for Newfoundland. In order to take the boat tour of the fiord we had to walk in 3 km to the boat and then out again of course. It was definitely worth the effort.

We also drove to L’Anse aux Meadows at the northern tip to visit the site of the earliest Viking settlement. This was a must for two retired history teachers, but what a desolate area. What were those Norsemen thinking?

Two towns that we found interesting were Bonavista and Twillingate. St. John’s was interesting but it rained all the time while we were there.

We saw moose every day but no caribou or whales. Our iceberg boat tour was cancelled because of bad weather but we hiked up a fairly steep hill to a great view of a berg in a cove near Twillingate.

The DVD of the trip is ready for viewing by anyone who becomes our captive audience for 15 minutes or so. 🙂


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