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Golf, pilates, dining out

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That just about describes my day. Mike and I did nine holes of golf at the Trenton course which certainly gives a good workout on a hot day as it’s rather hilly. My score was somewhat improved from my Tuesday ladies’ league score but I still have a long way to go.

After lunch, Mike started on his latest project… a structure in the back yard. I went to pilates for some torture 🙂 (I love it, it’s such a great workout) and then we went to a local Italian restaurant that has recently relocated.

Joan,  I got your message that you posted a few days ago. It seems to be attached to my very first entry, way back in January, so that’s why it doesn’t show up on the current page. A get together at Ingie’s would be a great idea. Kathy would also be happy to see us all at her place and Noreen said she was going to try to get there sometime in July. I’ll keep you posted.

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