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Here it is Wednesday already… and no blogging since Sunday as I just realized.

Monday was golf with the ladies league… changed from Tuesday this week and next. I had a coffee and chat with Susan afterward and then home for some errands before picking up Mum, Elizabeth and Winston for dinner.

Tuesday was gym in the morning. Since several of the ladies golf on Tuesday, there was no-one there for tea. In the afternoon, Mike and I assembled his new table hockey game which was a birthday present from Patrick. It took quite a while… many parts and instructions.

Today was my first pump class in a bit because of a sore shoulder. Tea afterward provided lively conversation and laughs as usual. This afternoon Mike coached me at the golf club to try to improve my chipping on to the green. Let’s hope!

Tonight we watched a British movie, The Bank Job, which had been recommended by a couple of people. It was a good action movie.


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