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Wednesday Again

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This seems to be a weekly blog lately. Apologies to Lynne, Joan and other faithful readers.

We have been in a whirl of weekend entertaining lately. V. and C. were here last weekend. We all went to the outdoor Empire Theatre concert to see Steve Winwood and Colin James on Saturday… had a great time and a wonderful visit.

Today is our fifteenth anniversary… time sure flies, etc. Mike made one of his gourmet lunches… mussels in white wine sauce, and an elegant salad plate. Then we headed out to tour around the area with no plan in mind, just meandering and enjoying the day together and then stopped for dinner at a restaurant in the County.

Have to log off now. It seems to be thundering yet again and I want to shut the computer down.


One thought on “Wednesday Again

  1. Good morning… it is a lovely day in Stratford and Summer Music is on , and there are many musicians to enjoy. There is a barge down on the lake and there is different group weekly. Tomorrow, we are going to Knox to here a choir from Scotland. Ronnie Hawkins and the old Revols are playing in the lower Queen’s Park on Monday, so that is an all day affair. Should be fun.
    I look forward to your updates and enjoy… Congrats on your 15 years!! AND sounds like you had ‘our’ kind of a day. Hi to Aunt Betty & Elizabeth.
    Tell your Mom, that Christopher Plumber is playing here in the city at the festival this year.
    My love to all of you… Cousin JOan

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