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Wednesday Already

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Again, apologies to my regular readers for the lack of entries. I really was going to write last night, Lynne, but yet another thunderstorm prompted me to shut down for the night.

Yesterday at the ladies’ golf league I was rather pleased with my score on the back nine… 64, which is good for me. Today Mike and I played nine and I shot a 62… imagine improving by two shots. Now I have to continue working on my short game in order as Mike says, “to become a golfer.”

On the weekend, we had company… John and Louise, who returned our visit of a month or so ago. On Saturday we had a great time attending the Abbey Road on the River concert. It was another of the summer outdoor concerts put on by the Empire Theatre and it was fantastic.

On Sunday, we took our company to Sandbanks Provincial Park… yes, on a holiday weekend! Louise had never been there so we braved the crowds and managed to get in before access was closed because of the numbers. We picnicked at our favourite part of the park which was less busy than the more popular parts.

Monday was family day with Mum, Elizabeth, Marie and Bob here for a barbecue dinner.


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