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My Birthday


Today was my birthday and I spent a pleasant time with family. V & C were here for the weekend and Mum and Elizabeth joined us for lunch, cake, presents and photos. Later in the day after everyone had left for home,  Mike and I went over to Marie and Bob’s for wine and conversation.

On Friday M & B treated us to a pre-birthday lunch in the very pretty courtyard of a local restaurant. The ambience and the food were excellent.


2 thoughts on “My Birthday

  1. Belated Birthday Greetings… hey, that makes you 3 or 4

    years younger than me.. like 49ish!!! Sounds like you had

    a nice one .. with friends and family.

    Making Meat Pies this a.m. and entertaining Weds, and

    Thurs nights for dinner… not sure what is on the menu yet.

    Looks like it will be a nice day… so enjoy!

    Lov, Cousin JOan

  2. More Birthday Greetings.. this time to Mike… you are catching up to me!!!

    Hope that yiu enjoyed th Music Man and the B&B.. take care and keep in touch..

    Love Cousin JOan

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