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An Eventful Week

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Just a quick note to bring regular readers up to date since I haven’t been writing my blog this week. Mike and I had a wonderful getaway last week to the Shaw Festival and then to the Stratford Shakespearean Festival to celebrate Mike’s 60th.

We arrived home about 1pm Thursday to a message from Mike’s sister. His Dad, who had been in the hospital, but expecting to be discharged any day, had died about 11am that morning. He had been suffering heart problems for years… 3 bypasses, etc. but always seemed to bounce back, so it was a bit of a shock. The funeral was Monday morning.

Along with all of this, we learned on Friday afternoon that my Mum had been given a place in a nursing home in Deseronto. It all happened much faster than I expected… there was a bed available right then. Elizabeth and I quickly checked it out and accepted the placement. Mum went in on Monday afternoon.

Needless to say, we have all been very busy and stressed for the last number of days. But it is good to be able to count on the support and love of family and friends at times like these.


One thought on “An Eventful Week

  1. So sorry to hear about Mikes’ father… that would be a shock, coming home to news like that. Sorry, we didn’t get to see you while you where in Stratford, but another time..

    That is a lot of running and decision making about Aunt Betty.. do hope she is getting along ok, but you’ll be wanting her a little closer, soon I hope…

    We are leaving on Sat. for 5 days away to Cassville, NY.. and meeting up with some of ‘The Florida Beach People’.. we will be staying in a trailer..(help) and will be ‘Trailer Trash’ for a few days.. just as long as Darrell doesn’t turn into one of the Trailer Park Boys..

    Do take care and keep in touch.. when is Elizabeth’s birthday.. Brother Ron’s is on Friday..22nd.
    With love, Cousin Joan

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