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Sunday of the Long Weekend

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The end of summer already… the weather this week has been about the best of the season.

On Thursday Elizabeth and I picked Mum up to go out for lunch to celebrate Elizabeth’s birthday. We had a lovely time and we sat on the restaurant patio under sunny blue skies.

Today Mike and I visited Mum. We took her down to sit by the water in the grounds of her residence. It is a pleasant spot overlooking the Bay.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.


One thought on “Sunday of the Long Weekend

  1. Wonderful wise. We went over to Jeff’ and Donna’s and had a BBQ , and sat poolside.. nice day. The meetings will soon start and we’ll be right back in the thick of things..have already seen a hockey game. Hope that Aunt Betty is enjoying her new abode and it is nice that you are fairly close by.
    I’m off to pick some of our tomates and then decide what I’ll do with them all. Pickling beets tomorrow..
    Enjoy the day.. Love to you and Mike ..Cousin Joan

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