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Sunday Night Already

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Another week has flown by. On Tuesday I walked for 18 holes of golf in the scorching heat then spent about an hour with Mum… managed to get her to sit out on the patio for a while.

Wednesday and Friday afternoons Elizabeth and I were back to Mum’s old apartment to continue the packing up. We’re getting there!

Thursday, Mike and I golfed with Stephen and Susan… they carted, we walked which was not a great idea given the high temperatures. We went to their place for dinner afterward and on Saturday they came to our place for dinner and a few games of pool.

Friday, I had a pleasant lunch with Diane, Lynne and Tudy. Good food, lots of laughs.

Today, Elizabeth and I visited Mum for a while… couldn’t go outside because of the rain but got her to do a walk in the hallway. E. and Winston came for dinner.

And that’s the way the week unfolded…

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