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TGIF, QFA and other acronyms

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Here I am… readers have grumbled that I haven’t written as promised. Another week has flown by.

Susan and I golfed on Wednesday because of the rain on Tuesday morning. Not my greatest game but not my worst either. Afterward I slipped over to see Mum for a while. Wednesday evening we went to the first QFA movie of the new season. It was “The Visitor”… well-acted, interesting and moving with of course no “happy ever after” ending. We liked it.

Thursday, Elizabeth and I sandwiched some shopping in between her pilates class and mine. That evening, Mike and I went downtown to a wine and cheese gathering at a local antique store. It was part of the Art Walk being held that evening. Afterward we walked around the perimeter of the outdoor Peter Frampton concert to hear a couple of numbers before heading home.

Today was the regular three part class at the gym which I always enjoy followed by tea with the ladies. Marie came for lunch and for the rest of the day we just relaxed, read and generally took it easy since it was so grey and wet outside.


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