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Not Quite a Week Has Gone By

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… but I see that readership has fallen off so I’d better start writing more often. Yes, Lynne, I’m listening 🙂

Last weekend we went to Pat and Cathy’s for Patrick’s birthday and of course had a whale of a time with the grandkids. We also got to see their new house … they are gradually getting settled in.

On Monday, Elizabeth and I took Mum out for lunch and a drive to enjoy a sunny day.

Monday and today were pump classes for me at the gym. I golfed with Susan yesterday and actually got a par. It was a gorgeous day for a walk on the course. Mike golfed today near Toronto with his old school pals.

After class today, Marie and I went out for lunch then I dropped E off. Next, was out to see Mum then back to help Marie with some clearing out at the old house.

This evening Mike and I just relaxed after a day of driving about. Right now I’m listening to a piece by Haydn as I write this up. I think I’ll just replay my favourite section before heading off to bed.


One thought on “Not Quite a Week Has Gone By

  1. Enjoy your BLOG when ever you have time.. lov it.. I just got back from Convention in Windsor and spent 5 days with some crazy, fun gals.. glad to be back and give my ‘laugh muscles’ a rest..
    The parade was fantastic.. 200 Colours (FLAGS) waving in the wind and about 800 comrades parading all in uniforms..your Mom would have enjoyed the site.
    Off to London, to a hockey game..what else is new– talk again soon..lov to Aunt Betty abd Elizabeth.

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