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Elizabeth’s Trip

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This evening I picked Elizabeth up at the train station when she arrived back from her week long trip to Halifax and Quebec City. She had a wonderful time and will give me more details when we go to get her “boys” from the kennel tomorrow. The trip was a reward to herself for her six month anniversary of giving up smoking.

Mike and I went to the QFA movie tonight, Up the Yangtze, a documentary about the effect of the Three Gorges Dam Project on the people living in the area. We both agreed that it was well done and definitely worth seeing.

On Sunday we did go to the County to take in some of the studio tour. We stopped at about six studios… pottery, photography, printmaking and a blacksmith’s where we bought a beautiful bench for our deck. It was a glorious day for a drive in the countryside as was yesterday when I golfed, then picked up Mum to bring her here for dinner.

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