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Autumn Arrives

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There is definitely a hint of Fall in the air! Tonight when I went out to a meeting I had to wear socks and real shoes instead of my much preferred sandals. Nevertheless golf is still continuing… unless it rains as predicted for tomorrow. If that happens I’ll go to the gym for combat instead.

Today was pump followed by tea with the ladies… quite a large group today with several conversations flying around the table at once. All good fun.

Yesterday Elizabeth and I visited Mum for a while… soon have to take her out for lunch again. We all enjoy those outings.

I’m still plugging away at finishing an online genealogy course that is fast coming to an end. I have a big assignment to finish for next week… but on Friday I’m off to a scrapbook weekend and it needs preparation time as well. Major time crunch!

Thanks, Lynne for the compliment concerning the image header. Not sure if I have mentioned before that all the photos are taken by either Mike or me… this one is mine. Many of them, including the present one, are closeups of our garden plants.


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