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Already It’s Friday!

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Another fast week… the older we get, the faster they fly by. I got the major assignments done for my online genealogy course finally. Golf was cancelled when it rained so I went to combat instead. Wednesday was pump, and yesterday I tried a spin class and survived 🙂 Today of course was the triple… new body, zumba and yoga. Then tea with the teabags as we are called.

Yesterday we drove to Toronto and back… met friends for dinner and then went to an amateur play by a theatre company that some friends are involved with. The play was Neil Simon’s “Jakes Women”. Mike and I agreed it was about the best amateur production we had seen.

Today I’m off with my friend Sandra for a weekend Scrapbooking Retreat in the County. We went last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mike is having a guys’ golf and card get together while I’m away. Busy, busy…


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