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Autumn Days


What glorious weather today. We ate lunch on the deck… sun, warmth, no wasps or other bugs. I rushed to finish an online genealogy course the went off to my pilates class where Kym worked us really hard as usual… we love it and keep coming back for more.

Monday, Elizabeth and I took Mum out for lunch and a bit of a drive in the country. She always enjoys getting out for a while.

Wednesday we saw the QFA film, The Edge of Heaven, co-incidence and irony gone wild. Mike and I especially enjoyed seeing the parts filmed in Turkey since we were there last year.

Happy Thanksgiving to all… in case I don’t write again before Monday. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Autumn Days

  1. Was’nt that a lovely day.. we have hockey all weeknd will see 5 of the grandkids play..Jr .B , then cook the bird on Monday.. so enjoy the weekend and hi to your Mom, Aunt Betty and Cousin Elizabeth.and of course Mike…..With much love — Cousin JOan

  2. Cousin Jane… sad news… Donna Turnery passed away on Sat.. suddenly..heart.. had been feeling great… visitition Tues..2-4– 6-8.. in Atwood and funeral on WEds in Listowel @ 11.

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