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It’s the Weekend…

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We continued our social whirl last week with a Thursday evening visit to Dave and Loraine. Friday was the usual gym visit and then for me tea with the ladies. I’ve been playing my Four Seasons CD all week as I drive here and there… did I say how much we enjoyed Jersey Boys? I know I did but it bears repeating. It was great!

Mike decorated outside for Hallowe’en and it was so mild that we sat out on the front porch to hand out goodies to the trick or treaters. The numbers were down a bit this year… we had 102.

Marie stayed overnight before heading off on her latest trip. We are dog-sitting Ferg for the week and took him for a good long walk this morning. The rest of the day was some yard work and working on my scrapbooking course.

Thanks to cousin Joan for the funny Hallowe’en slide show.


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