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Our Sundays are strangely quiet these days. We’ve been accustomed to having Mum and Elizabeth over most weeks and often Mike’s Dad would be here too. It’s easier for Mum now if we just go to visit rather than her having to make the trip and Elizabeth and I have fallen into a Monday visiting routine. Even Ferg, who was here with us for the last week has gone home as Bob got back from his golfing trip today.

Last night Elizabeth and I had a great time at a ladies’ soiree hosted by the owner of a local antique and vintage clothing store. It was a real laugh as everyone tried on hats and outfits while we sipped and snacked. Of course we bought some hats! Now we need another event so we have an excuse to wear them.

Friday I went with Lynne, Diane and Penny for lunch and laughs on the occasion of Lynne’s birthday.

In between all this I’m working on my scrapbook course and trying to get our Christmas card/open house invitations ready and mailed. Mike spent yesterday pulling apart our basement shower room ready for renovation. A dirty job, but necessary.


One thought on “Sunday

  1. Another wet dreary, Nov 11th.. Rememberance Day–

    Darrell and I plan on parading and he will be carrying ‘Colours’, then we go back to the Legion and hopefully everyone will enjoy the hot soup that we helped to prepare yesterday!

    On Sunday, was the Annual Church Parade and Service, it was held at Central (where we attend) and it is broadcast each Sunday.. Darrell and I sponsered the service, in memory of Uncle Bob, your father- Uncle Charlie and my Dad, Ross Milne and all the vets. It was a nice service.

    Darrell and I went to see ‘Passchendaele’, and we have stressed to our ‘big’ kids’.. that our grandkids should all see it.

    Thanks for the picture of Aunt Betty with her new wheels.. she looks great.. take care and with much LOVE–Cousin JOan

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