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Another Week Gone By

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Hard to believe, but I just checked and the last entry was over a week ago. Last Tuesday I spent the day at the home of one of our CFUW Quilting/Scrapbooking members. She lives north and east of Cloyne. The group all drove together since it takes about an hour to get there. The woodland setting was lovely… the day was bright but there was a sprinkling of snow on the ground making a picturesque scene.

On Saturday, we went to Toronto to see the newly reopened AGO. The entry line was long but moved fairly quickly. The renovations are quite impressive and I liked it overall even though I didn’t like what was done to a couple of my favourite parts of the old building.

We spent the night at Vanessa’s and went to dinner with her and C. to a very nice Italian restaurant. The following morning we went with them to a popular neighbourhood restaurant for breakfast before heading home. It was great to see Vanessa as it had been a while except for a quick visit to her office when we went to see Jersey Boys. I look forward to V and C being here for Christmas.

We got home mid afternoon yesterday and went to Marie and Bob’s for dinner… an entire weekend of eating out!

Today Elizabeth and I went to visit Mum. She’s fine and not using the wheelchair at the moment since they want her to keep mobile as much as possible.

A Belated Happy Birthday to cousin Joan. Elizabeth tells me I need to join Facebook so I can keep up with everybody.


One thought on “Another Week Gone By

  1. Thanks for the greetings…. nice to see you back on your Blog… I aways enjoy hearing what you and Mike are up too… Again thanks for photo of Aunt Betty and Elizabeth.. and yes Christmas is creeping up on us.. enjoy the day..

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