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Sunday Again

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I’m sitting here listening to an icy rain beating against the windows as I write. Winter is upon us once again.

Another fast week! Classes at the gym or pilates every day but Saturday. A visit to Mum on Monday. CFUW-AGM meeting on Tuesday evening. Scrapbooking at Marilyn’s on Wednesday with Elizabeth, Marilyn and Laurel. Helping Mike with the basement bathroom reno… which is coming along well. Shopping with Marie on Friday while Bob helped Mike. Dinner at Marie and Bob’s on Saturday. Today I went to Penny’s for a decorating party… we took greenery, etc. and a container and made decorative arrangements. Penny provided great chili, mulled wine, etc. Lots of fun!

I have actually started our Christmas decorating as well… even though it’s not December until tomorrow.

Hope you like the new header – a photo I took while out for a walk with Marie last week… frozen apples on a bare tree against a bright blue sky. Couldn’t resist it.


One thought on “Sunday Again

  1. Like your new header… our decorating is done inside and out.. and the parties have started as well… Love this time of the year..
    Hugs to Aunt Betty, and with lots of love to you.. Cousin JOan

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