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At least that’s the way it seems to be at the moment. The week certainly has flown by! Elizabeth and I visited Mum on Monday. On Tuesday I went to the CFUW CanLit Lunch group where we discussed Richard Gwyn’s book on Sir John A. MacDonald. Wednesday Mike and I went to the QFA filming of a UK movie, “Happy Go Lucky”.

Mike worked hard all week to complete the basement bathroom reno… except for a few finishing touches. I continued the decorating to get ready for our Open House on Friday evening. But before that, on Friday morning I attempted, since Kim was away, to lead the Zumba class at the gym. The few of us that were there had fun.

The Open House was successful… about 30 to 35 people… kept Mike and I busy making sure we got to talk to everyone for at least a while. Some friends from Toronto were down for the occasion and we talked ’til the wee hours.

Saturday I went to the Leading Lady Image Consultants Open House and then for tea with Joanne and Sally. Today I’m back to working on my scrapbook assignments for the online class.

Lynne, hope you’re feeling better than when we talked the other day. Must be ready for Tina’s concert!

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