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Happy 90th Birthday, Mum!

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mg_10i702Just imagine, 90 years! We had Mum’s party on Saturday so that Vanessa and Carm, Patrick and Cathy and the kiddies, and cousin Betty and her friend, Donna could all be here. Cousin Joan and Darrell weren’t able to be here after all since Darrell was sick but Joan phoned to talk to Mum.
The day was clear when I went to pick Mum up but by the time we got to our house, it was snowing heavily and continued… In spite of the storm, we had a good time with Mike’s delicious meal, cake courtesy of Elizabeth, champagne toasts and plenty of gifts to open.
Once Mum was safely back home, Betty and Donna headed back to Toronto… in the storm. Everyone else stayed over, so there was lots of time for visiting.
Today, Elizabeth and I went to see Mum for the actual day of her birthday. As Elizabeth said, Mum enjoyed holding court as people in the home dropped by with good wishes and others phoned.
It’s safe to say that Mum enjoyed her very special day.


One thought on “Happy 90th Birthday, Mum!

  1. Hi jane ,
    Lovely to see your mum on the picture . I have sent a card , but i did not realise it was her 90 th .so i will have to rectify that .i’m sorry i haven’t sent anyone a christmas card .we have all had flu go through the family’s.So i will have to write you all a letter .Say Happy Birthday Bet from me and all .I am useing Trudy’s computer .We are up to dinner. It sounds like you have had a busy but rough time all at once .We have had quite a lot of snow in places. They keep running out of salt ,for the roads . London came to a standstill ,the buses couldn’t move .and Gloucester. We are hopless in this country We are expecting more this week .Ashley as just been to france to see the war graves ,but he is safe back home now .
    Love from Audrey David and All .

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