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Pilates, Golf and Taxes

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…the things that have been occupying my time today. A pilates torture session with Michelle; nine holes of golf with Mike; doing and filing Mum’s and Elizabeth’s taxes.
In golf I did not too badly. A new driver (Mike’s old one) has added some distance to my drives. My putting still needs plenty of work, however.
On Monday we had a great day in Toronto. We visited the ROM… our first visit since the new addition. I didn’t dislike the new part as much as I thought I would but they really need to do something with the new main entrance. We weren’t the only ones to stand outside wondering if it really was the entrance… very lowkey to the point of being drab.
After a walk down Philosopher’s Walk and over to St. George Street we went to the Bata Shoe Museum to be given a personal tour of an art show there by the artist!
Before leaving the city we had time to stop for a coffee with Vanessa.
Tuesday evening we had dinner at Tudy and Terry’s. Diane and Bill were also there and we had a wonderful dinner and great conversation.
Mike is supposed to golf again tomorrow but by the sound of the wind and rain at the moment, that may be off.


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