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Anybody Still Reading This?

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It has been a while since I wrote. No-one has commented on the fact so I’m not sure if anyone is still checking to see if I’m around.

Anyway, here I am. Just finished a busy weekend. Friday and Saturday I was at the CFUW Ontario Council AGM which our local club hosted this year. The last few weeks were hectic for me since I was the registrar and a lot had to be taken care of as the actual date got closer. But it’s all over … except for some paper work. The AGM was a success and our club was complimented by all. We had a great team working on the preparation and I enjoyed working with these ladies and getting to know more members of the club.

Today we had Marie, Bob, Irene and John here for dinner… and Ferg of course. Tomorrow Elizabeth and I will go to visit Mum Before I head off to the ladies’ golf league at the Base.
That’s about it for now… time for my beauty rest 🙂


One thought on “Anybody Still Reading This?

  1. Hey, I check in all the time.. guess I should let you know how much I enjoy reading your BLOG.. Hi to Aunt Betty, and Mike and Ekizabeth.. Time is flying here.. DArrell is up north at Lake Vernon with his brothers for a few days.. they go to the Hired Man’s place (Shamrock Haven) and play cards and drink a few beerskis!!
    Take care, and enjoy this beautiful weather..
    Cousin JOan

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