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At the Conference

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Here I am up very late when I should be getting my rest ready for another day of listening to lectures. I’m at the annual Ontario Genealogical Society Conference. It’s being held this year at Sheridan College.
This evening at the banquet the guest speaker was Charlotte Gray, the well known biographer of famous and interesting Canadians. She is an excellent speaker. I’ll be able to report to our CanLit Lunch group on Tuesday as we have read and discussed several of her books.
I’m here with my old friend Vicki. We met in residence in our first year at university. In fact on Thursday we attended a reunion of ladies who were in residence at Whitney Hall at U of T over these many years.
Sandra wasn’t able to attend the Conference this year since one of her dear cats is quite ill and she has been tending to her.
Tudy and Terry, I hope your 50th Anniversary celebration went well tonight. Mike and I are sorry that we couldn’t be there and hope that we can all get together in the near future.

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