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Home Again

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…and ready to get back to routine. It’s fun to be away and it’s fun to be back home. Gym tomorrow for pump class and ladies’ golf league in the afternoon after a visit to Mum.
Congratulations to cousin Adrienne who has just announced on Facebook that she is having a baby girl in October. Her Mum, cousin Betty, told me a while ago but I’m good at keeping secrets 🙂


One thought on “Home Again

  1. Nice day here in Stratford, now that it is June, maybe we’ll get some warmer weather.
    Darrell and I are going to the movie tomorrow, and then out for dinner . Nice place in Waterloo… The Wild Craft.. it was 28 years ago that we were married ,and the weather was beautiful.. about the same as today.
    We always seem to keep busy.. a lot of our time is spent at the Legion and things will slow down a little with the summer hours. The family all seem to be fine and palnning their sports and cottge times. Hi to Aunt Betty and hugs to her. Enjoy!

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