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Hockey Season is Over

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Yes, Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup tonight thus officially ending the hockey season for a few months. The game was exciting right ’til the last second when Detroit narrowly missed tying the game.

Last weekend we went to Pat and Cathy’s for a visit and enjoyed swimming in their new pool with the grandkids.

Monday was golf in the ladies’ league and Wednesday was golf with Mike. On the Wednesday I was quite pleased with my score. My second highest ever.

Of course on the non golf days there was a visit to Mum, gym and pilates… also tea with the ladies and lunch with Elizabeth. Wednesday evening was the QFA final movie and party night. The movie, a substitute for the planned one, was awful and depressing and had too many flashing lights and too much screechy music… the party with good food and conversation afterwards was enjoyable.


One thought on “Hockey Season is Over

  1. You sound like a busy gal….good for you. Yes, the game was exciting and A Detroit fan , now owes DArrell a bottle of good scotch..if there is such a thing!
    We cooked and entertained the Vets for D-Day and I cooked a roast beef dinner for them.. about 70 showed up. It was a nice night.. I’ll cook for those guys any time. WE went to see the Hangover… sure have to go in to the theater with an open mind.. real funny in spots.. lots of ‘F” shots!
    About to get ready for church, as I’m greeting at the door this a.m. Hi to Aunt Betty, and give her a hug from us. Talk later enjoy this beautiful day!

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