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Another Busy Week

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What’s new, eh?

Sunday, Elizabeth and I visited Mum. Monday, Mike and I were supposed to golf with Steven and Susan but they couldn’t make it after all so we golfed with Terry, Sr. and Terry, Jr. then had Steven and Susan over for dinner. We hadn’t seen them for quite a while.

Tuesday, Ferg joined us while Marie and Bob headed for Toronto in preparation for Marie’s back surgery.

Wednesday, we headed for Toronto (with Ferg) for some visiting with Vanessa and Carm. We shopped at the new Shops of Don Mills, strolled along the Danforth in the rain, saw V. briefly before we headed out to see a performance of the “The Sound of Music” at the Princess of Wales Theatre. The show was absolutely fantastic! Back at V. and C.’s we visited for a while.

Thursday, we shopped a bit more then met V. for lunch. She took us to Arriba, a restaurant in the hotel at the Rogers Dome. We sat by the window and looked way down on the playing field. The roof was closed and the crews were hard at work setting up the field for a football game. Amazing to see the number of people and the amount of machinery involved.

Later in the afternoon we headed to the marina at Bluffer’s Park for a retirement party for a former colleague of Mike’s. Then the drive back home.

Friday was gym, and then dentist for me. Marie was disappointed to say the least when her surgery was cancelled at the last moment.

Today E. and I went to see Mum then checked out a village festival in Deseronto. We didn’t stay too long because of the rain. Mike golfed with Ian in spite of the weather. Ferg went home.

Tomorrow is Father’s Day… always a bit sad for me since Dad has been gone for many years. This is also the first one since Mike’s Dad died last summer.


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