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Monday Again

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June is almost over already! My calendar reminds me that we have played quite a bit of golf this month which means we’re taking advantage of our membership at the club.

Today we played with Stephen and Susan at their club for a change of scene. My front nine was terrible but the back nine was much better. Afterward we enjoyed dinner and an evening at S & S’s place.

Last week I had fun on an outing with the ladies from the gym. The lunch and wine tour at one of the County wineries didn’t live up to our expectations but we enjoyed an afternoon of shopping/browsing and good company in Bloomfield. Thanks to Lynne for organizing the day!

When Elizabeth and I visited Mum on Sunday we were able to get her our in the lovely garden for some fresh air which she always enjoys.

Happy Birthday to Cousin Mary!


One thought on “Monday Again

  1. cousin jane and mike.. ‘my love’ .. is still in the ICU at LHSC and i can get him to open his eyes and he ‘ll smile (sort of) for certain people… this will be a long road ahead us , and we are still not out of ICU soooo. but the word rehab was mention the other day, by a doc.. and that gave us more hope. I have great faith and ask for a merical daily and i’m so blessed to have my prayers answer.. we have a great famliy and the kids are so good to darrell and myself… thnaks for all the prayers and notes.. hello to aunt betty and elizabeth

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