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Golf and Air Shows

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Yes, they do go together… on Friday Mike and I were golfing at the base and we were treated to a preview of the air show. The planes practised most of the afternoon right over our heads! Talk about thrilling…Snowbirds, hornets, Globemaster… buzzing us at treetop level. Those pilots are amazing. And to top it off, even with all the distraction I had a good score.

On Saturday M. and I and Elizabeth spent the day at the Anniversary Open House and Air Show… this time at the other side of the base. A highlight was seeing the Lancaster and being able to go through it. It was disappointing that it didn’t fly though… mechanical trouble.

On Sunday E. and I visited Mum and we were able to take her outside for a walk down by the Bay for some fresh air.

Cousin Darrell is somewhat improved but still is in ICU.

Marie has her back surgery tomorrow and we hope all goes well.

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