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It’s Been a Long, Long Time…

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Here I am on a Monday again. Another busy week. I golfed four times… two nines and two eighteens. Only got to the gym for classes once but did go to pilates at Mindful Movements. My golf score continues to improve thanks to all the practice.

On Saturday morning, Mike and I went to the annual CFUW Quinte Garden Tour and Tea. The gardens were all beautiful and inspired Mike to do some weeding in the afternoon while I did my volunteer stint in one of the gardens.

On Sunday, Elizabeth and I went to visit Mum and we were able to take her outside for some fresh air which she always enjoys. Her memory is not what it was but she does enjoy our visits.

Today Mike golfed with Terry while I went to the gym and then joined the ladies for tea before meeting Elizabeth for lunch downtown. Later in the day I golfed in the ladies’ league.

Marie is still having pain in spite of her recent operation.

Cousin Darrell is continuing to show signs of improvement each day and soon will be leaving hospital for a rehab facility. We continue to send good vibes and prayers to Darrell and Joan. They are supported by many friends and family who remember all the good deeds they have done for others through their church and community.


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