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Golf and Concerts

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Mike had the guys down from Toronto for some golf on Tuesday and Wednesday. I joined them for the Wednesday game so I got in two rounds this past week.

On Friday and Saturday we went to the Empire Rockfest Concerts. Friday was the Doobie Brothers and Saturday was The Rascals, The Turtles and some others whose names escape me at the moment. In spite of the threat of rain, the temperature was warm and there was a sliver of moon and stars. All in all a good two evenings.

This evening we went to Doug and Sheila’s for dinner along with Ian and Paula. A delicious meal, DVD of their recent trip to Italy and good conversation made for an enjoyable evening.

Marie got out for some shopping with Elizabeth and me in the past few days. Good to see her out and about.

Cousin Darrell is continuing to show improvement each day… but still a way to go.

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