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August Arrives

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Where is the summer going? Elizabeth and I visited Mum on Monday. I got in a couple of games of golf at the club as well as getting to the gym some days. Had tea with Evelyn and Deborah one day. Not so many of the ladies around lately… holidays, cottages, golf.

On Thursday Mike and I celebrated our anniversary. We went to Picton to golf… my first time there… then on to Kingston for dinner at Amadeus, a German restaurant. We were served more protein than we’d normally eat in a whole week! Had a great day.

Pat, Cathy, Julia, Mason and Buster visited for the weekend… arrived Friday night and went home today. On Saturday we made a full day of it with sun, water and sand at the beach and then a picnic at Lake Shore Lodge park. Yesterday and today involved trips to the mall and the nearby playground. Hope they had as much fun as we did! We also found time to watch the DVD of Julia’s dance recital. She performed along with it. A great weekend.

Cousin Darrell continues to progress. He moved this past week from the hospital to Parkwood to continue his physiotherapy and recovery.

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