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My Birthday

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Tomorrow is my birthday… the number doesn’t matter 🙂 We were going to golf and have dinner at Timber Ridge today but cancelled because of the weather. Instead we had dinner at Marie and Bob’s.

Thursday to Saturday we had John and Louise here for a visit… good fun and conversation.

Time to close since I hear the rumble of thunder and I should turn the computer off.


One thought on “My Birthday

  1. Cousin Jane… Have a great day today… I got your message… and will call soon. Kev is staying here for a few days, as he is working in the city at the hosptial… he is doing some odd jobs for us, after dinner.. Darrell seems to be a little better each day, and most of his words come out right.. but some times he leaves me guessing… I wonder if he is putting me the ropes… He looks good and I’ll take him any way… Happy Birthday!! Cousin JOan

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