The Milne/Smeed Connection

Family Stories Past and Present


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Another week has just flown by! Monday was my birthday. I golfed with Mike in the morning then Elizabeth and I visited Mum. E. came back for my birthday dinner… another great Mike meal.

On Tuesday M. and I golfed. It was a shotgun start at 8:00 am… a bit early, but still comfortable temperature at that time.

Wednesday was Mike’s birthday. We started by visiting Mum where I attended a meeting while Mike took Mum for a walk down by the bay. Then Mike and I picnicked along the way to Kingston. I got new golf clubs for my b’day. We had dinner at a Thai restaurant back in town.

Thursday I got a chance to try out my new clubs and posted my best score ever! We carted because of the heat and humidity… unusual for us.

Friday I finally got to the gym, had a quick tea with some of the ladies and then… you guessed it. We golfed again. Four times this week.

On Friday evening Vanessa and Carm arrived for the weekend. We visited Mum on Saturday and Elizabeth, Marie and Bob joined us for dinner. We relaxed on Sunday and V and C left for home in the early afternoon. It’s always so good to see them and the weekend passed too quickly.


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