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Mum at Warbride Luncheon

Doris Elizabeth Milne (3 Feb. 1919 – 14 Sept. 2009)

At this time last month we were so excited to learn that Mum finally had a place in a nursing home in Belleville. Finally we would be able to visit her every day after a long year of trips once a week to Deseronto. Unfortunately, shortly after moving into Westgate Lodge, Mum suffered a stroke. Early on Monday, September 14, she passed away quietly in her sleep. We miss her terribly but are grateful that she did not suffer for long and grateful for the many years that we had with her.


One thought on “Mum

  1. Jane and Mike, that was a nice tribute to your Mom, at Listowel 2 weeks ago, and I know that you will miss her.
    What a lovely picture of your Mom, and I loved the one in the obits card .
    Take care..Love–Cousin Joan

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