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A Dreary Wednesday

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Sure is dark out there this morning. I’m soon off to pilates, then depending on whether or not the forecast rain occurs, I’m off to golf or scrapbooking at Marilyn’s.
This actually feels more like a curl up with a good book day… maybe later. Haven’t decided whether the book I’m reading at the moment is a good one or not. It’s called “Runner” and is from from our CFUW book exchange. The subject, helping people to disappear to a new life to avoid some kind of danger is rather unsettling to me and I’m not really sure I care to read that kind of thing. Maybe a trip to the library to find something more upbeat is in order.
Thanks, Lynne and Joan for continuing to check to see if I’m writing.
Cousin Darrell continues to make progress. Cousin Barb is recovering from a serious operation and is our thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “A Dreary Wednesday

  1. Yes, I like to keep in the know with you and Mike… ‘My Love’- continues to improve and hopefully , Darrell will be coming home to stay soon. We look forward to that day.. it has been 4 months and it will be nice to have a Man around the house again.. he must be getting better.. he is almost telling me how to drive and park when we go for short drive hummm now…..that will have to change.. I will be having the wheel for a while that is for sure. Our prayers have been answered, still a way to go, but we’ll make it.Take care and With much love —Cousin JOan

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