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NYC, Routines, Hallowe’en

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No sooner were we back from Maryland than we were off to New York for four days. This was a trip that had been planned for the middle of September. The bus company very kindly found a couple to take our place on that trip and gave us the later date.

We had a great time… walked for many miles and many hours. While we were strolling through Central Park, Mike looked down and at his feet was a US bill with Ben Franklin’s photo on it. Yes, a $100 bill! A quick check at a bank proved it to be genuine so there was no chance of arrest for passing phony money or of cheating some poor cashier when we spent it.

This trip we didn’t see any shows but we spent Friday evening at MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art. Some great art in an interesting building.

Not a lot of shopping was done but we did manage to discover Filene’s Basement which has designer labels at fabulous prices.

Back to routine this past week with daily visits to the gym and/or pilates. Always good to be home and in the routine.

Cousin Darrell came home from the hospital on Wednesday after more than four months but unfortunately had to be readmitted yesterday. Not sure of the situation at the moment. As ever, our prayers are with him and Joan.

Tonight, Hallowe’en was extremely blustery although not too cold. The full moon and surrounding clouds were appropriately eerie. Our number of Trick or Treaters was down a bit… 90 instead of the usual 110+… this means candy left that we now have to avoid eating:)


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