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Almost two weeks since I made an entry…
Last Tuesday I gave a genealogy presentation at the library… a case study based on my search for one of my great greatgrandmothers. I did it as a Powerpoint and that was a learning situation for me since I had never done one before. It was lots of work to get it together but fun to present. I’ve been asked to present it again at a future date.
The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Mike golfed last Thursday and we’re going out again this week. Unbelievable to be golfing here in mid November!
Joan was happy to have Darrell home for the past weekend… and it coincided with her birthday.
Little Julia apparently has H1N1… has been sick for the last few days. Hope she’s feeling better soon.
Mike and I, Elizabeth, Stephen and Susan all had dinner at Marie and Bob’s on Sunday. Bob has just returned from a trip with Casey… Belgium as well as South Africa where they went on safari as well as touring the Cape area. Sounds like a place to see some day.

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