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It’s Another Week

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Monday again… went to gym for pump class then tea with the ladies. This afternoon we took advantage of the continuing warm weather to wash windows, then Mike did some carving while I did some scrapbooking. Ah, the joys of retirement!

Last Wednesday we golfed with our friend Terry… a gorgeous sunny day with spectacular views across the Oak Hills. And I had my best score ever! Mike golfed again on Saturday with Ian. What a November this has been, weather-wise.

Julia seems to be on the mend after her bout with H1N1. No-one else in their family seems to have got it.

Darrell was home again with Joan for the weekend and will possibly be home for good soon.

Sad news from England, where our Uncle Tony died on Sunday. He is cousin Frances’ Dad and Lucy’s Granddad. Our thoughts are with them and all the family: John, Mary, Ian, Jane, Sonia, Barry, Tony, Adam and Sarah.


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