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December, December!!

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So long since I’ve been here… Lynne gave me a gentle reminder at the gym yesterday 🙂 Guess I’ve been too busy doing instead of writing about it.

The social whirl definitely picks up at this time of year. Started the month by hosting our monthly CanLit Lunch get together. Next was the CFUW Christmas dinner at the Riverside Inn… lovely venue, lots of fun. Last Thursday we went to see the Rankin Sisters Christmas show at the Empire. That was closely followed by our annual Christmas Open House. Vanessa and Carm as well as Steve, Margaret and Bill came from Toronto for that. Altogether we had fifty people attend… and everyone seemed to enjoy!! This past Thursday we went to our neighbourhood dinner group’s party and tonight we are out to dinner again.

In between all this socializing there has been decorating, Christmas shopping and all the everyday things… at home, gym, pilates, etc., etc., etc. Pause for deep breath…

This time next week Christmas will be over and we’ll be looking toward the new year and a new decade. Hard to believe this one has gone so quickly!


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