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Family Stories Past and Present


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Here I am… not too long between posts this time. We have had some cold but often bright and sunny days so far this month. Of course, there is snow but not that much and the roads are usually fine for driving.

We had a lovely evening at Al and Doreen’s on Saturday. Tudy and Terry were also there as well as a couple from Toronto. Interesting company and a delicious dinner.

I have been trying to up the ante with gym classes to counteract the excess food consumption over the Christmas season. Mondays I now do the new BodyVibe class as well as pump in order to get some more cardio. The rest of the week is the usual routine so far. I think I need to add more cardio on the other days as well.

Last week at QFA we saw a moving, award winning movie from Japan called “Departures”. Last night we went to see “Avatar”. The story has been done in various versions before, but the 3D special effects are amazing!

Today our CFUW quilting/scrapbooking group met for the first time since before Christmas. Some beautiful quilts are in progress. Tomorrow, Elizabeth and I go to Marilyn’s for our other scrapbooking group.

I’ve also been having some fun researching Mike’s family. It’s amazing what I have found so far using Ancestry, the Family History Library and Scotland’s People.

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