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Home Safe and Sound

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I know my regular readers, all two of you, must have wondered what has happened to us in the last week or so. At least, I hope so. Last Friday we left for a week of golf and family visits in Hilton Head with Mike’s cousin, Stephen, and his wife, Susan. After an easy drive on Friday as far as Harrisonburg, VA, we awoke to a major snowstorm. The rest of our trip to HH was tense and took 5 hours longer than usual… through snow and freezing rain… amidst southern drivers who aren’t used to wintry driving. But we got there!

During the week we enjoyed some slightly warmer weather, some shopping, visits with Marie and Bob and two games of golf on beautiful courses… one of them in shirtsleeves.

On Thursday we went to Savannah for the day since Stephen and Susan hadn’t been there before. Once we got back to HH and discussed the impending new winter storm it was decided that it would be wise to leave immediately to get ahead of the weather. Hence, we were on the road by 7:30 pm, Thursday. After an all night drive with the guys switching off on the driving we arrived home by 2:00pm Friday afternoon. It’s much better to be sitting at home watching the reports of the storm rather than being stranded somewhere in Virginia for a couple of days.


One thought on “Home Safe and Sound

  1. Happy to hear you made it home safe. We were worried about you all. See you at the Gym on Monday.


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